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The Importance of Tradition to a Nation

| July 27, 2014 | 0 Comments

Traditional DancingA group or set of related ideas that last for a long time is known as a tradition. It is basically the existing knowledge that can sometimes be improved. These make tradition to be categorized as static tradition or dynamic tradition. Static tradition is the one that maintains the initial ideas without making any changes. A dynamic tradition is one that makes several changes with time. Our best knowledge that guides any nation is usually contained in the dynamic tradition. The best ideas that have even been brought up in the history of tradition are also contained in the dynamic tradition. However, some traditions have been said to be old fashioned and that they hold back the progress of any nation. This are especially those contained in the static tradition. They are perceived as primitive as well as manipulating. Tradition has a few essential elements. These elements are ceremonial rituals, a group of people as well as a guardian such as historians.

Today’s generation has given various views concerning tradition. To some, tradition contributes to social injustices while some think that tradition assists us to mold and develop productive, useful as well as progressive characters. Evidently, laziness, corruption as well as criminal activities are highly rejected just as it was in the early traditional lifestyle. A modern nation is expected to observe most of these practices and beliefs for the well being of its citizen. Leadership of any nation is expected to borrow some lesson from their traditions. Some of these lessons include matters concerning power as well as hunger for wealth. These are some of the major issues affecting most countries. To ensure that the future generation is properly raised, we need to practice rich culture to ensure that it is not lost.

According to psychologist, it is very important for every individual to be connected to a particular tradition or an ethnic background. Today, traditions are being abandoned as people of different beliefs come together. When immigrants moved in the United States, their traditions had to be changed so as to blend in. This is mainly because they had the desire to fit in the new culture identities. Children grew up with a different language forgetting their native languages. This has now led to the rise of Jewish-American, African-America as well as Japanese-America. This affiliation of various ethnic identities is the modern tradition which is a combination of different traditions. They basically teach on being tolerant to others as well as emphasizing on the value of diversity.

Any community is usually given its identity by their cultural values. Through their traditions, they earn a personality and character of their own. So as to effectively transfer these traditions to other generations, a community uses symbols such as religion, art as well as language. This will then ensure that the community is always bonded besides determining a number of other features. These features include the community’s mode of dressing, their types of foods and even their festivals. The end result of combining these features is that the people of that community a lives together as one.

People’s standards and behaviors are also shaped by culture and tradition. Tradition acts as a social control system which forms individual’s principles of life. This has a great impact on the social life as it influences ways of living. The lifestyle of all the individuals of any particular community represents their culture. A person’s attitude towards life and their development is monitored by their traditions and culture.

Generally, tradition is very important to any nation. Today we find different traditions uniting together and displaying their dances and lifestyle. Through this, unity of the people is achieved. People are able to help one another and take care of each other, hence lightening the workload of the community. Traditions are also used in disciplining people. The law of tradition is observed and if some one breaks it, he or she is punished or fined. This ensures that the people in that country live lawfully.

Traditions of any nation must be kept. This is even with the current modernism of science and technology. In case you break a tradition, it is important to create another so as to ensure continued unity of the people. It is the responsibility of every individual to ensure that their tradition is kept despite the current changes in the ways of life.

Traditional Job Hunting – Can Unconventional Methods Help

| December 18, 2014

Are you at a point in your life where you would like to consider changing careers? If you are, you’re probably not alone. Many people become disenchanted with the career choice that they have made, and would like to try something else. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to do as there are many things to consider. Do you have enough qualifications for another type of job? Will you need to relocate? If you do relocate, will this be a good move in regard to finding a new place to live, or if you have a family, will they also be able to adjust? All of these questions need answers, and in order to make the right choice, sometimes you have to look outside of common sense and trust something more esoteric such as horoscopes. This article will address what astrology is, what horoscopes are, and how they can help you make a positive change in your career.

zodiac photo

Understanding Astrology And Horoscopes

Astrology is, by another name, divination. Divination is the practice of gaining insight into choices that need to be made using certain rituals are cultic practices. It is very common for people to use objects that are cast, or cards that are used, in order to discover the proper decision to make. As with most people, they are always looking for some way of helping themselves get some insight on which direction to go in life, and divination through astrology can be accomplished by looking at your horoscope. A horoscope is a means by which a person can discern whether or not they are able to make a choice based upon the day of the birth, the position of the stars, and a variety of other factors that will help them make the proper choice.

Are Horoscopes Reliable?

A horoscope is reliable in the sense that you are able to find a way to make decisions if you are able to get a proper reading based upon your zodiac sign, the personality traits that are indicative of your particular zodiac animal sign, and how that relates to the decisions you are going to make on certain dates of the year. Although this may seem extremely esoteric, it has worked for millions of people over the last few centuries, helping them to make the decisions were they were not sure on what to do. You can actually find horoscopes in your daily paper, on the Internet, and you can also have a professional astrologist help you with deciding on what needs to be done.

Best Way To Get An Authentic Reading

The most authentic reading possible is going to be available from someone that has been doing horoscopes for decades, an individual that has worked with thousands of people in office there services in the form of providing natal charts and readings in regard to your particular sign in the choices that you need to make. They will also, at least some of them, have purported psychic abilities, being able to tap into your lifeline, see which direction you need to go in, and correlate that information into what the horoscopes seems to say for you.

Although this is not science, the fact that so many people have made positive decisions using these strategies of looking at the stars, the day of their birth, the correlation of the sun, the moon, and the planets in the sky, it is clear that there must be something to this old way of thinking. Today, it is still going strong, and you can find many places on the Internet where you can find a horoscopes, or someone that can give you a psychic reading using astrology that can help you make the best possible choice in regard to your profession today.

If the prospect of using tradiitonal astrology techiques to find your ideal profession appeals then you can find some example career horoscopes at Libra Career Horoscope, Virgo Career Horoscope and Sagittarius Career Horoscope

Why Is Traditional Chinese Astrology So Popular

| November 18, 2014

chinese astrological symbols with yearsThere are many different types of astrology in the world today. Although most people associate astrology with that which provides us with our daily horoscopes which is based upon the year of our birth and the sign of the month in which we were born, there are actually over 80 different branches of astrology that are in use today. There are also several different systems that use astrology including tarot, numerology, and even feng shui which can help us make life decisions and properly configured energy within our home by arranging objects in a certain way. The belief is that all things have an energetic basis and that matter is this solidification of energy which is still permeating beyond our normal senses. This is also true for those that believe in Chinese astrology, something that is similar to modern-day astrology with a different basis. Here are the top reasons why Chinese astrology is so popular today and how it can be used to help you make difficult decisions.

What Exactly Is Chinese Astrology?

In the same way that regular astrology uses different animals that are supposed to have certain characteristics that apply to each person under the sign under which they are born, Chinese astrology operates the same way but instead of looking at 12 separate months, these astrological signs are designated for singular years. The animals that are used include the monkey, pig, rat, rooster, dog, ox, tiger, snake, rabbit, horse, sheep and the mythical dragon. It is worth noting that only Chinese astrology seems to use a total of 12 animals, one of which is considered to be mythological. However, it still works the same, each sign containing different characteristics that can be applied to resolving issues in your life.

Attributes Of Chinese Astrology Animals

When you look at each different animal, there are certain characteristics that each one will have. For instance, monkey horoscope 2015. The monkey is considered to be the trickster, a personality trait that is common with people that like to pull practical jokes, and also individuals that tend to be smarter than those around them. The dragon is the type of person that always moves forward, determined to get what they want. They are a powerful sign, representative of someone that has the ability to be charming, intelligent and innovative enough to accomplish anything in life. All of the signs have different characteristics, and some of them are compatible and not compatible with others. This is exactly what you will find with typical astrological readings, hence the similarity between the two types of astrology.

Why Chinese Astrology Is So Popular

The popularity of Chinese astrology, especially in the last few years, has to do with people looking for something out-of-the-box. Instead of trusting the horoscopes that you read every day, or getting a reading based upon your birthday and the corresponding astrological sign, when looking at the year of your birth, this is something that you can coincide with your existing readings in order to determine not only what areas of your personality you should be developing, but also in making life choices. Due to their similarities, and also due to the fact that people are looking for a way to hone their direction in life, they will use a combination of the readings to truly feel confident about making choices that will lead them to attaining their goals.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how Chinese astrology works, and how it may apply to your life, you should certainly consider doing a comparison of traditional astrology with Chinese astrology in order to make necessary changes. It’s always good to have some type of road map to follow, and by understanding how your personality truly should be, you can discern what you need to work on, and how all of this fits together with your purpose in this life.

The Tradition Of Singing

| November 7, 2014

If you’re one of those people who are interested in learning how to sing well, taking traditional singing lessons would be advisable. However, singing lessons aren’t just restricted to carols and folk music, but to all types of music as well. Also, the person’s ability to sing is important, but that’s not all. In fact, a lot of traditional singing lessons focus on several things, such as a person’s posture, body language, as well as the different genres of music.

Voice Lessons vs Traditional Singing Lessons

Sing Traditional SongsA singing voice lesson, by comparison, focuses on the singer’s voice in a specific genre of music. However, there are some who prefer general singing lessons, but others prefer to focus on specific genres, such as folk music. For instance, rap music doesn’t sound anything like folk music; thus, different singing approaches must be considered.

Furthermore, those who are wishing to take singing lessons have several options to choose from. There are a lot of aspiring singers who prefer to work one-on-one with a voice coach or music teacher because it allows them to hone their skills better. These lessons could be quite expensive because they usually require ample time and sometimes even the cost of travel.

Fortunately, there’s a cheaper way to get the same benefits with the help of a computer or online lessons. You could pay for the singing voice lesson CD or DVD, and you could use it over and over again, as long as you need it. This would be practical for those singers who takes multiple lessons as a way to monitor their improvement.

On a side note, in order to improve your singing voice– whether it’s for folk music or other genres, here are some of the things that you should take into consideration.

Warm Up Before Singing

This would give you a guarantee that your muscles are ready to work and your vocal chords are properly stretched and ready for action; that’s why warm up is very important 

Use Your Diaphragm

This is called, ‘diaphragmatic breathing.’ If you want to give your best when singing, training your diaphragm is very important. This would help you avoid stressing your throat while managing the volume and endurance when singing– especially if you’re trying to hit the chords of folk songs.


Practice and Train Your Voice

As much as possible, always practice and think of ways on how you could get better. No matter how good you have become, the more practice you do, the more chances that you’ll learn new things and the better you can be in the long run.

Open Your Mouth

Sound is generated when your vocal chords vibrate. When you don’t open your mouth enough when singing, not only would you restrict your singing voice from its full potential, but it could also contribute to a poor singing habit– where the lyrics would be harder to understand.

Project Your Voice

If you want your voice to successfully hit the wall on the other end of the room, you should push the air with your diaphragm and open your mouth.

Learn About Your Body

Being familiar with what you’re working with would make a huge difference on how you can use your voice to its maximum potential. Singing uses several parts of the body– from your diaphragm to cavities where the sound bounces.

Check Your Posture

If you’re not aware, the way you stand could affect your singing voice, that’s why it’s considered as one of the most important factors in singing lessons. It’s impossible to sing properly if your back is arched, your hips are pointing forward, your chin pointing down, or your shoulders tight. Why? It’s quite obvious. It’s impossible to breathe well or project your voice properly if you have a poor posture. That’s why it’s important to stand straight, your body relaxed, and let your knees and shoulders loose. By doing this, you’ll notice a lot of positive difference in your singing voice.

Feel the Music and the Lyrics

When it comes to traditional singing, make sure that you could relate to the lyrics and you truly understand what the song is about. Try your best to deliver the message of the song through your audience or whoever is listening to you. Sing with your heart, and you’ll be surprised at how successful you can be when it comes to singing.

Lastly, these important factors aren’t just limited to folk songs, but for other genres as well. Learn them by heart and develop your voice and you’ll be able to excel in this field.

For more detailed information on developing your singing skills, we strongly recommend Online Singing Lessons

Traditional Astrological Matching Before Getting Married

| November 6, 2014

The famous poet and writer Khalil Gibran once said that if you truly love someone, let them go, if they come back, they were yours always, and if they do not, they have never been. Have you wondered what makes them not return or return to you? Astrology provides us with answers to these questions.

Couple In LoveContrary to the traditional and common belief, the quality or glamor of courtship is not always the ideal way to gauge if two people share a long term understanding. That is the reason why some marriages are really just gambling wrapped in gold paper. However ,one approach increase your odds is by going through astrology matching before getting hitched and also ensuring that the person you have chosen to share your life with is a perfect astrological match.


Astrologers collect information using planets, stars and the sun. They hold the belief that these elements increase the chances of finding a partner and frequently influence our behaviors. In many cultures around the world, parents pay visits to astrologers with the hope of getting help in finding a suitable wife or husband for their children. The information the astrologer gives them influences their decision on whether to go ahead with the marriage or not.


These readings will not tell you exactly how the future will turn out, but they can give you a rough idea on which attributes you ought to look for in a mate. These traits will balance out your own weaknesses and be the best qualities compatible to yours. For instance if you are an introvert, you may want to look for somebody a little more unreserved. If you become annoyed easily, you should look for somebody more even-tempered. These things will keep your relationship less strenuous and interesting. Learning about how that specific sign thinks, feels and acts will give you an advantage when looking for good matching mate. It can also reveal potential conflicts that might show up.

We have twelve astrology signs (also known as zodiac signs) and they are divided into four groups of three i.e 

The air; Aquarius, Gemini and Libra
The fire; Sagittarius, Aries and Leo
The water; Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces
The earth; Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus

People who fall under the Water trio for instance, are completely different (and have totally different traits) with people who belong to the fire trio. Logic will dictate that water is different (If not opposite to) fire just like earth people are different from air folks.

Therefore, people born under any one of the groups possess specific traits unique to their solely to their group. These characteristics you will find through Tradition of marriage matching through astrology. And easily understand why and how couples are happy or unhappy when you are aware of the unique traits influenced by their respective signs.The unhappiness and incompatibility in that marriage could be the outcome of putting together two incompatible elements forever.

To put it in other words, people born under the domains of water and fire matrimonially speaking should never be involved with each other. But, earth and fire can work great as partners. The earth is cool and enjoys the benefits it derives from the energizing flame.

Still, when you find a partner with a matching horoscope it isn’t a guarantee that the union will last. There are numerous variables in astrological matching that you have to factor in as well. This method should best be a tool used to narrow down the search. You might be compatible with many various horoscopes, just remember that your own personal back ground and history can conflict with somebody else’s. You will still need to work at the relationship you are engaged in. You will have to bring to the fore the very best of your persona to show prospective suitors.

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Traditional Celtic Lore And Astrology

| October 12, 2014

Celtic Astrology Tradition

Celtic CrossThe ancient Irish people practiced Celtic astrology many centruies ago and continue to do so in some areas today . Traditionally, studying of magic was not considered far from the study of science in historical times. The modern astrology foundation was built out of this Celtic astrology. The Celtic tribes who lived in the British Isles were renowned for their wisdom in astrology. In fact, they derived meaning from tree signs, which had magical interpretation.

According to them, birth dates had significant meanings about behaviors and personalities. The season when you were born shaped your character and behavior. This knowledge was developed from their natural knowledge about the earth’s circles and that of trees. They also revered trees. This concept is what has been used to capture the interpretation of trees.

Meaning of trees and season of births

The Birch

This was related to people born between December 24 to January 20. Usually, these individuals excel in life and any other thing that they have undertaken to do. They are always reaching for more and in the process concurring new horizons.

The Rowan

People born between January 21 to February 17 were associated to this. These people have keen minds, visions and dreams that they would like to achieve. They could also break any magical curses. They are kind but can tactfully express their opinion without hurting anybody.

The Ash

These individuals were born between February 18 to march 17. They make good artists because they are imaginative. Unfortunately, they can also experience mood swings. What stands out is the fact that they can see the best and the worst in the world in equal measure. Understanding them can be hard.

The Alder

This was associated with people born between March 18 and April 14. These people preferred physical challenges and adventure. In addition, they are self-confident and have a lot of self-belief that can make them concur what they have set their minds to do.

The Willow

According to Celtic astrology tradition,they were born between April 15 and May 12. These people have a keen understanding of the moon circles. They view life from a realistic perspective, which makes them more patient than other signs of the trees. They make good counselors.

The Hawthorn

According to Celtics, these were born between May 13 and June 9. They have an ability to communicate well. For instance, they are very charismatic in nature and they make great leaders and strategists even though they may misuse their charisma.

The Oak

These people relates to June 10 and July 7. They boast of phenomenal strengths. They combine passion, charm, and ambition towards achieving what they want. They enjoy their plans are fulfilled and when they achieve in life.

The Holly

These people’s birth dates falls between July 8 and August 4.They hold their values with a lot o dignity. Moreover, they go out for challenges and overcome obstacles just with a little tact. They may appear to be arrogant.

The Hazel

These were born between August 5 and September 1. They are intelligent, organized, and efficient. They may appear as know it all individuals but they just study their facts well and master them. Moreover, they have analytical skills.

The Vine

These people’s birth dates falls in September 2 and September 29. They are indecisive in nature and have a changing personality. On each end, they are able to see the good sides. They are very restless, luxurious, and excellent.

The Ivy

These individuals were born between September 30 and October 27. They are loyal and can overcome all odds in life. They are always ready to give as much as they can. Unfortunately, they can become manipulative.

The Reed

These people’s date births fall between October 28 and November 24. They can dig deep to gain the real meaning of things. Besides, they are always ready to offer assistance. They are imaginative and enigmatic, liked and feared by in equal measure

The elder

These were born between November 25 and December 23. They transform over time. When they are young, they are extravagant and outgoing but as they grow old, they become respectful and understanding.

In brief, the Celts had a long tradition and belief about astrological learning. This was before the Greek, Christian and the Latin learning. However, for some time now the Celtic astrology tradition has been neglected with most people resorting to the practice of modern astrology. Above all, it laid the foundation for modern astrology that is still used today.

Our thanks to the Angharad Reese Celtic Astrology site for sourcing this article


How The Traditional Anti Fatigue Mat Has Evolved

| October 10, 2014

Anti Fatigue Floor MatsThe systematic journey of the anti fatigue mat, which has now revolutionized all industries of the workplace, began in a much smaller scale of the workforce as a whole. Traditionally, these mats were only used in factories.

However, from the early beginnings of the anti fatigue and non slip mat, aided by scientific studies, this mat has gone on to become the universal standard for preserving the health, wellbeing, focus and alertness of employees that stand for significant periods of time all across a multitude of industries.

Early Beginnings

In the factories, workers whose jobs centered on the production lines were able to use anti fatigue and anti slip mats because employers realized that it would help suppress the physical effect of back-pain and sore joints. For the employers at the time, that meant that there would be more production, less sick days that were taken due to pain and far less injuries on the job.

Then, as time went on, the employers at the factory began to notice that the anti fatigue mat also seemed to increase the level of alertness of their employees as well as decrease the complaints of pain. When more employers started to realize this, then the scientific community got involved.


Scientific Studies

Scientists began to conduct multiple studies on the use of the anti fatigue mat throughout the factory industry and began to find that the suspicions of the employers were significantly accurate.

In one recent study, which was done in 2012, two Loughborough University professors asked fourteen employees to stand either on a concrete floor, or an anti fatigue mat for a ninety-minute period over the course of five days. Once the ninety-minute period was over, the professors ran tests on the subjects by measuring their level of pain and discomfort, as well as taking some infrared thermal pictures and temperature sensors.

Just as all of the former results showed, the subjects who stood on the anti fatigue mat were far-less pained, stressed and fatigued than those who were made to stand on just the concrete floor.

Universal Standard

It is because of studies such as the one that was led by the Loughborough University professors and others that have propelled the anti fatigue mat from just a factory-based necessity to a universal standard for any employee who is made to stand for long hours per day at work.

The journey of the anti fatigue mat, from just a factory standard to an accepted safety standard in all business is conclusive proof that there are simple ways in which companies can help their employees be more comfortable at work and in-turn, create a more productive environment for all.

The Tradition Of Xmas Across The World

| October 8, 2014

christmas photoIt is interesting to think about all the different ways people celebrate Xmas around the world. In some ways people celebrate it the same way, in others, they have their own traditions. If you have ever been in a different country than your own you would have been able to experience the different ways in which people do celebrate the holiday.

In the United States they have Santa who comes to leave children presents on Christmas eve. People put up a Christmas tree, have a nice meal and even go to church. There are a lot of great traditions that have come about in the US to celebrate the holiday.Some of our traditions have come out from other countries and some have become our own. Each family might do things a little differently but overall there is a traditional American Christmas that most people take part in.

Crossing the border into Mexico you will find some different traditions. Mexico is really big on poinsettia. They put them out for the Christmas season. They are why those in the US associate them with Christmas too.

Traveling over to Europe you will find even more traditions. Germans like to celebrate St. Nickolas Day where children put their shoes out at night and receive treats the next morning. Christmas markets are also really popular and are seen in almost every village or town. Advent is also a lot more celebrated in many countries of Europe.

In England they believe in Father Christmas. He will leave presents in stockings and pillow cases. It is a fun tradition for the children. In Scotland people tend to celebrate the New Year more than they do Xmas.

In Africa, most of the villages that celebrate will do so on Christmas Eve. They might do a lot of dancing and singing together. They might also wear a mask. It is quite a different way to celebrate than you would find in other western countries.

There are many other countries that celebrate Christmas in their own way. They might have borrowed from another country or they might do their own thing. In countries where Christianity is not the main religion, things might be handled on a much smaller level.

In some countries you might not see a lot of Christmas in December but that doesn’t mean that the Christians are not celebrating it in their own special way. It just might not be as much about decorations than it is in other countries.

The great thing about Xmas being around the world is that on Christmas morning you can think about all the people celebrate throughout the world. It is a day for peace and family. It is a day for love and one that is enjoyed in so many different ways.

If you ever do get the chance to spend Christmas in a different country, you should do so. It can be a magical time and a great way to experience something new. You might even want to bring one of their traditions back home with you.

We hope you have a very happy and peaceful Christmas this year!.

Photo by kevin dooley

the Adrian Peterson workout program

| September 13, 2014

Dumbell Fly - Part of the Adrian peterson training routineThere is a great tradition of keeping fit around the world. Some of the fittest people around the globe are athletes. Not because they usually play and train, but because they know how important to be fit. One of them is Adrian Peterson a famous and well formed football player. He succeeds in making his body fit and strong enough to make his football career a success. So now he is sharing his Football workout plan. Not to boast, but to help others who also aim and dream of having strong and fit body. You see fitness can be seen outside, but its quality or the strength of muscles differs a lot from its appearance. You can see people with a perfectly fit body, a nice figure, but the question is are they strong? Adrian Peterson was able to create a workout plan targeting in strengthening its muscle. You can start it by determining the following:

Number of days per week: Though there are instances that you can do this every day still it would depend on the level of your workout plan. If it is just light like running and jogging, you can do it every day, but if you consider some heavy lifting and other strenuous activity then do it at least 3 to 4 times a week. But with Adrian Peterson workout you have to work out for 5 days a week. This plan is specifically made for football players to gain mass and strength. You know for a fact that football is integrated with a lot of physical activities. Activities that require strength and speed. Even if you are fit, you must also know that strength and speed don’t just come along with talent, you have to work for it.

Types of activities: Adrian Peterson suggested various activities for your first week of workout. This activity targets your connective tissues and muscles. What makes this workout plan better than the others is that, Adrian targets every muscle one at a time.  Here are some of the activities listed on Adrian Petersons football workout plan:

  • Bench Press – this where your chest, shoulder and parts of your triceps are exercised. There are lots of precaution is so needed on this activity since it requires strength.
  • Dumbble fly – this activity targets your chest and some parts of your shoulder. It is a free weight applied to your muscles. Not just by strengthening it, but as well as preparing your body for more upcoming work.
  • V-bar tricep pushdown – a lesser degree of workout that targets your triceps. Adrian Peterson made it to a point, to combine and mix both degrees in working out.
  • Dumbell kickback – Another free weight exercise that targets your triceps slowly. Appropriate for beginners especially if you are still preparing for the big game.

Resting period:  All throughout the workout plan Peterson made it to a point that you should have a resting period. Most of them require a minute interval of rest. This rest allows your body and muscles to relax and acquire changes inside. Even if you are working hard with this activities rest will always be prioritized. In strengthening your muscles, some injuries might happen if you are overworked. It is important that you follow specific time, sets, distance and rest. This is given to protect and avoid further injuries. Even if you work out hard, it is very important that you take a break and frequent rest.

A workout plan will not work on its own. Like what I said it is just a plan, your drive to make that plan work will depend on you. You are given everything you need and all you have to do is act on it. Things don’t work on their own you have to ignite the task and fuel it with determination. Adrian Peterson said that while doing the workout plan, you must have a high-protein diet. This diet will help your muscles to regenerate and grow. Aside from high protein diet, you must also make sure to modify your lifestyle according to your workout plan. Like any other workout plan, Adrian Peterson made it to point not to starve during and after the activities. This is needed for you to gain enough energy to push through your workout.

The Great Adrian Peterson


What is Traditional African Land Diving?

| September 7, 2014

YIkes, Land Diving!Traditional African land diving is a spectacular ritual that some African tribes perform as a rite of passage. This practice sees young men and boys who are passing into adulthood jump from a 30ft high tower, with just two pieces of vine attached to each ankle for safety.

Land diving is similar to bungee jumping. The young men must throw themselves off the tower head first, and trust in the vines to serve as a bungee cord, catching them before their head hits the ground.

Even climbing the rickety looking towers takes courage. The wooden towers are constructed on a hill, and the jumper walks to the edge of a platform and jumps on the end. The platform then gives way, leaving the person plummeting toward the ground. The vines are carefully measured to catch them, and they will be left swinging a few inches from the ground.

The ritual can be seen taking place each April and May on Vanuatu, an island in the South Pacific. The natives of the island call land diving “Naghol”, and it is considered an important rite of passage for young men. It takes between two and three weeks to build the tower that the people jump off, and each tower contains several platforms set to different heights. Each platform can be used only once, because when the user jumps, the platform will crack and then give way. Elder men, and the women of the village, will stand around the platform and chant while young men and boys are expected to climb the tower and jump from it.

Some of the people who jump from the tower are just young boys – seven years old. Youngsters jump from the lower platforms, while men are expected to leap from the top. Jumping is quite risky. While the Naghol is a long-standing tradition, and people have a lot of experience building the platforms and selecting the right length of vine, people have died because of accidents related to the jump. If the vines are too short, it is possible to dislocate your ankle. If they are too long, or a vine snaps and does not support your weight, then you could hit the ground and die. Fortunately, accidents are incredibly rare, and this tradition is held in very high regard. Land diving is the ultimate test of bravery and an important rite of passage.

Double Strollers Surpass Traditional Prams In The West

| August 31, 2014

Recent stats show that strollers have now surpassed traditional prams as the child transport of choice. Just why might this be. One reason is the benefit of jogging strollers for parents.

Duoble Jogging Stollers In the WildParents have the option of either getting a stroller or pram when they are looking for something that will be used to transport their young ones. Looking at blogs and reviews written by many mums, it seems like most parents are opting to get strollers as opposed to prams which answer yes to the question, are strollers becoming more traditional than prams? There are plenty of reasons that support this and some of them include.

 Numerous types

When you are out shopping for a stroller, you will realize that there are numerous options you can come across which allows you to pick the one that you feel will work out best for you. One of the most popular options that are in the market today has got to be the double stroller. This can be used to carry twins comfortably and in some cases it can also be used to carry 2 kids who are not too far apart.

Cost effective

Most of the time, you will find that buying a pram ends up being more expensive than going for the stroller. This makes the latter a great option especially for parents who are looking to save a buck or two while doing their baby shopping.

Can be used for a long time

When you pick the double stroller or any other type, you can be assured that it will be used for a very long time without any complications. This means that you do not have to worry about having to keep running to the store to have it replaced or repaired. Most prams are normally designed to be used for the first few months and when the baby is all grown up they may not be able to fit anymore.


When compared with prams, strollers are generally considered to be lighter. This means that prams are ideal for use when you are just walking around the neighborhood but strollers can be used conveniently and easily when you have to use the bus to your destination and they are also great for moving in and out of your car. Most strollers are designed to be light and compact with the stability of a pram something that gives them a plus when answering the question are strollers becoming more traditional than prams?

More adjustable features

When looking at features of the prams and strollers, it goes without saying that the strollers come with more adjustable features that make them more attractive to mum when they are looking for a method of transportation for the precious ones. Many of the features that are added to the stroller are usually supposed to enhance convenience and safety for both kids and the parents. For instance, you may find strollers that have canopies that help to protect the child from direct sunlight. With most strollers, there is no need to worry about rollaways as the wheels feature trouble free locking mechanisms. Most of the designs nowadays are generally modular which means that the seat part can be separated easily from the frame to be used as a car seat or bassinet.

Traditional Ways To Meet A Possible Girlfriend

| August 21, 2014

Methods For Meeting The Right GirlfriendAs many men will acknowledge pretty universally, getting a lady friend who is loving, trustworthy, caring and worthy of a serious and long lasting relationship is no mean feat. It is not a walk in the park as this particular search is fraught with pitfalls and inherent dangers. Most of the problems that hinder the growth of such relationships are usually found to develop from how the couple met in the first instance and how they allow their relationship to flourish or stifle as time goes by. It is therefore quite true to assert that where and how you meet with your significant other does matter a lot. As all dating specialists will acknowledge though, the traditional ways of meeting a girlfriend still work wonders. Here is a brief look at 3 traditional ways to get a girlfriend.

Get introduced to her by a friend or relative

From time immemorial people are always striving to expand their social networks by making friends all over the place. When looking for a girl, it is always advisable to confide to close friends who know you quite well, let them know the kind of girl you are looking for and empower them to look within their social circles for someone who either fits your profile or may sound interesting. This is because limiting your search to your own circle or hoping to meet a stranger along the streets may not yield the desired results. This option works quite well for someone who is looking for a serious relationship and is open minded.

Actively Participate in your hobbies

For any relationship to flourish, you and your lady friend should at the very least have several things in common. One of the best places of finding a girlfriend is to clearly identify your hobbies and frequent places and areas where such activities are taking place. If you like mountain climbing, cycling, watching football, volunteering your services to the needy, singing etc. then it is important to create time and visit such sites and places. Once there, take keen attention on ladies who share the same likes as you, it is much easier to strike a conversation with such a lady and try to find out how many more things you have in common. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easily and genuinely you can click with such a person and develop a long lasting union that’s both rewarding and happy in all aspects.

Build healthy relationships where you spend most of your time

Some may disagree, but many of the best places for meeting your girlfriend or potential partner will be in areas where you spend most of the time. It is advisable to start forming healthy relationships with people from institutions you have been part of such as high school, colleges, universities and workplaces. Because you spend a lot of time in such places, chances are that you will get to know much more about each other in such a set up and then go ahead to gauge and find out whether you are well suited for each other. It is worth noting that it is not a must to start a liaison when you are either working together or in school together, but developing a healthy relationship at that point in time and keeping in touch after maybe you part ways later can still work pretty well as you will know each other better and have much more to talk about when you meet again later in life.

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Wales – The Traditional Famed Land of Song

| July 27, 2014

welsh choir photoWales has to be one of the most musically oriented places in the world. For a very long time now, music has been a strong integral part of the culture of Wales. The link between Wales and music is quite distinctive and very strong. Singing has always been a significant part of the national identity of the Welsh people. This is why the country has been aptly called ‘the land of song’. The importance of music in Wales (UK) is more than what many outsiders can begin to comprehend. It is the land of song and home of some of the finest choirs. 

Genres of music in Wales 

As aforementioned, Wales has a very distinctive link to music. When the Welsh people do their music, there is a marked difference in the attention they pay to excruciating detail. It really do not matter what genre they are doing, you can think of them as the music perfectionists. The Welsh traditional music was more than just entertainment. In the 17th and 18th century carols was the order of the day. The musicians began creating more complex and dramatic carols than those of their predecessors. 

The love song is the most common of the Welsh folk songs. The lyrics often pertained to the sorrow of parting or praise of the girl. Following closely after love songs in popularity was the ballad. Ballads told tales of just about anything that happens under the sun from agriculture and other industrial activities to marriage and relationships as well as supernatural occurrences such as death. This might explain the exceptionally good choirs in the country.Indeed south wales piano teachers derive much of their business playing for and training Welsh Choirs.

The Piano and Welsh choirs

Wales has a host of choirs – more than often, male voice choirs. Some of these have attained a worldwide reputation for their excellence in coordination as well as delivery of amazing music. Accompanied by piano, these choirs are able to deliver heavenly music. Classical piano accompanying the voices makes the singing more interesting and pleasant to the ear. The chords are played slightly below the middle C to harmonize with the male voices. 

Piano accompaniment has also been witnessed in several solo acts. The singer will be accompanied by piano up to a certain point after which a choir backing the singer will join in. It is important to note that some choirs will not use a grand piano but rather the pipe organs. This is however in the more contemporary versions of music. 

The piano seems to be replacing the harp in Welsh music. The most popular musical instrument in Wales had to be the harp. It accompanied just about all singers from soloists to choirs of hundreds of people. The piano seems to be taking up this role. Several Welsh choirs and bands will combine the two instruments during their performances. The piano is the lead instrument while the harp does the backing up. 

To date the importance of music in Wales (UK) is quite evident. The musical scene continues to thrive with more and more in solo artists and choirs from Wales attaining international acclamation. As they say, if you want to enjoy ‘big voices’ go to Wales- this is evidently true.

Photo by rjw1